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"In June 2022, I contacted Aptos Landscape Design (ALD) to propose a design for a neglected area of my residential property.  I wanted to have someone familiar with the microclimates of the Aptos area and I was not disappointed.   Nop Panitchpakdi, the owner of ALD, presented a detailed picture to modify and remedy the major challenges (in my opinion) on the property.  The final product came out to be the same as Nop proposed.  The new landscape complements the unique and gracious design of the house and is a perfect marriage between form and function.

Nop freely generated ideas for landscape improvement and focused on CA natives, deer tolerant and drought tolerant species.  He is well versed in all and drew up a blueprint of the property where the new plants would go.    Nop was flexible in his approach, and open to my ideas as well.  He was present on the property during all phases of renovation and, again, clearly communicated updates on the project.  Further, the project came in on time and met the budgeted cost.

I greatly and sincerely recommend Aptos Landscape Design for your landscaping project!"

Cathy H. of  La Selva 1/16/2023

"Superb service. Nop Panitchpakdi is incredibly knowledgeable, and was able to customize his design to our unique situation and preferences. He worked closely with the contractor on our behalf. He was highly responsive to our concerns and has a wonderful sense of aesthetics and harmony. He is an exceptionally high quality individual. We will work with him in the future and will happily recommend him to our friends and neighbors."

John G. of Atherton 5/2/2021

"Review from my wife, who interacted the most with Nop. I second her opinion. Nop is an expert and great to work with. We are having him come back to help us with additional areas.

I love my garden! Nop helped me achieve my dream. His support and assistance helping me clarify what I wanted and his knowledge of where to go to achieve my goals. He helped us find a wonderful installer who placed the rocks and installed the irrigation and planted the plants correctly.

Nop's knowledge of native plants and what they need to thrive is extensive. His understanding of the type of watering system they need for the first couple of summers in order to get established was very helpful.

The thing I appreciated most is Nop's eye for beauty, grace and harmony. I could see it in the photos of hs work on his website and he was able to do the same thing in my garden. It feels good just to sit in it. Thank you again Nop, you did a fabulous job."

Mark S. of Rio Del Mar 5/20/2018

"I strongly recommend working with Nop in Aptos Landscape Design. He offers extensive knowledge of native, low-water and edible plants. But more importantly, he is endlessly patient and helpful. A joy to work with!"

D.S. of San Jose 8/15/2016

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